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Green Leaves


Waterloo stands for a decisive or final defeat or setback and describes to perfection how we conduct our business. The core of Waterloo Wellness is based on the history and experiences we have shared throughout our lives that has brought us to where we are today.

Waterloo Wellness is licensed by Texas State and adheres to all enforcement codes and FDA disclaimer guidelines as they pertain to our products.

 We serve a population in various developmental stages from young adults to end of life.

With the expansion of the Compassionate Use program, the creation of 2018 Farm Bill in charge of regulating HEMP derived CBD and THC; Waterloo Wellness, made the commitment of opening its doors  to a business that prides itself in providing accurate credible academia, up to date research and community based educational programs as well as the production of high quality natural derived products that will live up to our mission and  provide therapeutic support for PTSD, pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, ailments associated with cancer and autoimmune diseases, seizures among others.

Waterloo Wellness pride itself in providing natural products that are safe, high quality, effective and affordable.

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